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Tender Fulfilment / Contract and Purchase Order Financing

As the South African and “Rest of Africa” economies mature, there is an increased focus on using entrepreneurship as a way to build wealth and for both governments and corporates to engage entrepreneurs in their supply chains.

The reality is that this requires a leap of faith for corporates or government to engage young businesses in their supply chains  as they face the risk of:

  • Volume constraints hampering delivery
  • Financial constraints around execution
  • Skills constraints around fulfilment

Similarly, entrepreneurs have to consistently balance the operating constraints of their young businesses to meet the expectations of their customers, walking a fine line between growth and survival.

One of our Problem-Solving partners has introduced a unique financing solution for entrepreneurs who require trade finance / tender fulfilment capital which reduces risk for both the customer and the entrepreneur.

The solution provides 100% security for the client with contract fulfilment across the globe while at the same time while steadily building up the financial position of the entrepreneur.

If you are looking for working capital to fulfil your tender or off-take agreement, please complete the below and one of our network will be in contact with you:

Contract / Purchase Order / Tender Fulfilment Financing

Unique funding solution for South African and African entrepreneurs
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