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Looking for a cash-flow solution

Cash-flow is the life-blood of all businesses.

While you may enjoy good turnover, if you cannot convert that turnover into cash-flow into your business, then you will run into significant operating challenges.

Businesses seeking to ease cash-flow challenges may look to access either “Debtor” or “Trade” finance to help them manage this process.

Debtor Finance (also known as Factoring or Invoice Discounting):

This process advances cash – up to 75% – against your existing sales. The process typically involves the business making the sale, delivering the goods and then uploading the sales data into a central business system and cash would be made available against these sales. This is attractive for businesses who don’t wish to take on further debt or extend credit lines.

Trade Finance:

If your business requires working capital for specific projects but doesn’t have sufficient sales to allow you to access Debtor Finance, you can structure a Trade Finance deal against an existing property (either commercial or residential). This would provide you with either a Bridging Loan, Term Loan or Revolving Credit Facility to fit your needs.

If you are looking for a cash-flow solution for your business, please complete the form below and one of our problem-solvers will be in contact with you:

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