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Accessing the Black Industrialist grant

The purpose of Black Industrialists (BI) policy is to leverage the State’s capacity to unlock the industrial potential that exists within black-owned and managed businesses that operate within the South African economy through deliberate, targeted and well-defined financial and non-financial interventions as described in the IPAP and other government policies.

The initiative offers grant funding for high-growth entrepreneurs who have the goal of building sustainable businesses which can tackle unemployment in South Africa.

The Department of Trade and Industry defines the following as characteristics of a “Black Industrialist”:

The following are characteristics of a black industrialist:
a. high levels of ownership (>50%);
b. dominant black ownership and management control may be considered for projects that are deemed strategic by the dti, but may need to include other shareholders to attract relevant skills, finance and scale-up the investment opportunities;
c. exercises control over the business;
d. takes personal risk in the business;
e. does business in the manufacturing sector with particular reference to IPAP focus areas;
f. makes a long-term commitment to the business and is a medium- to long-term investor

Typically the Black Industrialist grant will serve as a “matching” grant with the DTI matching contributions from the founder/s or co-investors up to R50m.

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